Are you looking for a CBD producer in France? Are you hesitating between several producers? When you consider using a CBD producer in France, you open the door to many undeniable advantages. 

France, renowned for its agricultural tradition, offers an environment conducive to the cultivation of high-quality CBD. From seed to harvest, every step of the process is carried out with care and expertise to ensure CBD products of exceptional quality.

Rue de la Boulette ?
From the seed to the wafer.

"Rue de la Boulette was founded following a combination of circumstances, we were basic hemp producers, self-taught at heart we made various tests to extract its resin and the results pushed us to develop a qualitative range to improve commercially available products.

Soon after we increased our efficiency by designing our own converting machines and creation of a laboratory entirely dedicated to the research and production of our references"

Why use a CBD producer?​

Discover the main reasons to choose a CBD producer based in France!

Recognized know-how

The first reason to choose a French CBD producer such as Rue de la Boulette lies in the country's solid reputation for agricultural production. French farmers benefit from ancestral know-how and a heritage of quality, which translates into top-notch CBD harvests. The fertile land, the ideal climate and innovative cultivation techniques make France a privileged place to produce superior quality CBD.

Meets standards

Another advantage of using a CBD producer in France lies in compliance with strict legal standards. France has solid regulations regarding the production and marketing of CBD. By working with a French producer, you can be sure that the products you obtain comply with all current regulations, both at national and European level. This allows you to operate with confidence, avoiding legal issues that could arise with CBD products from other countries.

Product traceability

Another essential aspect is the traceability of French CBD products. French producers put in place rigorous systems to record every step of the production process, from seeds to the final product. This guarantees complete transparency on the origin, composition and quality of the CBD products you purchase. You can therefore be assured of the exact origin of your CBD, its purity and its compliance with the strictest standards.

Diversity of CBD products

The diversity of cannabis varieties grown in France is also a major asset. Indeed, we offer a wide range of cannabis strains rich in CBD, thus offering a wide variety of flavors, aromas and effects to meet the preferences of each consumer. Whether you are looking for relaxing strains to soothe the mind or stimulating strains to promote concentration, a French CBD producer will be able to meet all your needs.

Looking for a CBD producer?

Using a CBD producer in France offers many advantages. Superior quality products, rigorous legal compliance, transparent traceability, a wide diversity of varieties and a sustainable approach make French Hash producers trusted partners.