The Creme - 200G


The Creme - 200G

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Brown and greasy appearance

Creamy and malleable texture

Sweet, floral and light spice scent


The Creme is a CBD-dominant hash formed in authentic Temple Ball like the original Nepalese hash, this hash is handcrafted in our workshops from our flower dry sift which is shaped and hot molded by hand. Packaged in 200g Temple Ball in vegetable cellophane to guarantee its freshness. The product, once packaged, is matured in vacuum bags in order to preserve the aromas of this resin.


Optimal cutting temperature: 25 - 30°C

Cutting advice / detail: Form small Temple-balls by hand at room temperature then wrap in vegetable cellophane sheets

Variation in texture: Depending on the date of manufacture of a temple ball, the texture may evolve slightly and harden, simply heat the core to 25-30°C to be able to find a texture adapted to detail


Type of preservation: Vacuum-packed to preserve and refine the natural terpenes

Optimum storage temperature: 15-20°C

StorageAvoid contact with light, damp areas, excessive temperature differences and airing

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