Hash CBD Beldia: Focus on one of the best French CBD resins

With its CBN, CBG & CBD balance, crafted with care and attention to detail, this exceptional product is designed to deliver a powerful and impactful experience that will leave your clientele more than satisfied.

With its sweet, rich and earthy taste, its powerful and long-lasting effects, this CBN resin will certainly become one of the best sellers in your shop. So why wait? Try Beldia CBN today and discover the best of French resins!

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Beldia CBN by Rue de la Boulette, the novelty of the Les "Suprêmes range".

We are pleased to introduce our new product, the Beldia CBD Hash, available now for wholesale purchases in France and Europe.

In this article, we are going to explain to you what Beldia CBD Hash is, its advantages and how to buy it wholesale in France.


Beldia CBD Rue de la Boulette resin is a variety of premium quality CBD resin, produced from hemp plants legally grown in France, with respect for the environment and without the use of pesticides.

Originally, Beldia is a hemp plant specific to the Atlas region of Morocco, which is known to produce a high quality resin, rich in cannabinoids.

Our Beldia is crafted using an ice o lator extraction method to ensure a high concentration of cannabinoids, while removing contaminants. The resin is then dried and pressed to create a solid and easily manipulated texture. The great assembly work and the mastery of cannabinoid aging processes have allowed us to design this high quality hash with 20% CBN while combining a balance between CBD and CBG.

Beldia CBD Hash is naturally rich in terpenes, which are aromatic compounds that contribute to the flavor and aroma of the product.

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As a wholesale supplier of Hash CBD in France, we offer high quality products at competitive prices for companies looking to offer high-end alternatives to their customers.

We work closely with our customers to offer them the best products, and we are also able to offer all our resins in white label. Note that we work with third-party laboratories to test our products and guarantee their purity and quality.

In conclusion, Beldia CBD Hash is an exceptional product that will delight both new consumers and experienced consumers.

By buying our Beldia CBD Hash wholesale in France, you can offer your customers top quality products at competitive prices, while enjoying exceptional customer service.

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