A Beginner's Guide to the Ice-O-Lator CBD Extract Method

The Basics of Ice-O-Lator Extraction.

The Ice-O-Lator extraction technique is simple and straightforward: it involves placing cannabis flowers or trim into a filter bag, and then continuously washing them with iced water. This process filters out the plant material as the active cannabinoids are released from the plant material and dissolve into the liquid. The resulting solution then has to be filtered through a second filter bag in order to separate out any remaining plant matter, leaving behind what is known as an "Ice-O-Lator extract".

Choose the Right Equipment for Ice-O-Lator Extraction.

Using the right equipment for your Ice-O-Lator extraction process is essential to creating a quality CBD extract. First, you'll need an ice water supply to use in the process. Next, you'll need an appropriate filtration device such as a bucket and filter bag combination, or a purpose built Honey Bee Extractor made specifically for this type of extraction. Finally, if you're looking to further refine your extract beyond just basic filtering then specialty tools such as bubble bags may be necessary.

Prepare the Cannabis Material For Extracting CBD with Ice-O-Lator.

Before you begin the extraction process, you will need to prepare your cannabis material. Start by grinding down the raw material into small particles with a grinder. This helps increase surface area and exposes more of the trichomes which will maximize your extract yield. Make sure not to grind too fine as this can make for an overly difficult job for your filter bags!

The Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Ice O Lator Extracts.

First, prepare your Ice-O-Lator bucket with the proper amount of ice and water. Secondly, add your cannabis material to the filter bags provided with the Ice-O-Lator kit. These bags are micron rated so they will capture trichomes while letting small particles pass through. Next, layer the bags in the Ice-O-Lator bucket with ice and gently agitate the mixture for at least 10 minutes before draining it into a collection tray. Once all of the liquids have drained through, collect your finished extract and store in an airtight container away from light and heat.

How to Store and Preserve Your Ice O Lator Extracts

It is important to ensure that your Ice-O-Lator extracts are properly stored and preserved in order to maintain their quality. Make sure to store them in an airtight container, away from direct light and heat. Additionally, you can extend the shelf life of your CBD extract by adding a few drops of natural preservatives, such as vitamin E oil or vegetable glycerine, before sealing the container shut. Lastly, don’t forget to label your containers with the ingredient list, potency and harvest dates so that they remain safe for use.

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