Temple Ball Manufacturing Secrets - All you need to know!

The origin of the Temple Balls

Charas, or hand-rolled resin, is the original concentrate. Seductive and aromatic, charas was born from mankind's first contact with the cannabis plant, as the buildup of this sticky THC-rich resin is inevitable when handling the plant.

Innovations in cannabis extractions, using new extraction methods such as BHO and CO2, are increasingly common.

Still, gently rubbing cannabis flowers will remain the easiest and most effective method of collecting fresh resin from wild plants.

And creations like the Temple Ball will continue to elevate what could be construed as simple craftsmanship.

The making of Temple Balls

The process of collecting living resin in the palms of one's hands is simple in its methodology, but difficult in its implementation.

Although no longer widely practiced, it remains the only method of harvesting cannabis resin in humid tropical countries such as Bhutan, Nepal and northern India.

It may sound archaic, but sometimes the original way of making something is still the best, even decades later.

For the manufacture, it is enough to use your hands and your plants of cannabis or hemp.

To collect the resin, remove the leaves from the plant and gently rub the flowers between your palms using a gentle back and forth motion.

The idea is to concentrate the compounds and particles in the buds and squeeze the resin out of the rest of the plant. Then, it will be necessary to roll the resin until it forms a ball.

But first, thoroughly cleanse your hands of any leaf material after each bloom and repeat until a layer of resin builds up on your palms and fingers.

Then remove the substance from your hands and voila! You have created hand-pressed resin, Temple Ball.

There are many different suggestions for how long you should roll the flower between your fingers. The longer you roll it, the more the hash ball will start picking up residue from your hands.

Many people enjoy the process of making Temple Balls because the rolling motion is repetitive and meditative.

Crafting Temple Balls will require a substantial amount of cannabis flower, especially if you want to create a decent sized product. The ideal end product will be shiny and smooth to the touch.

The biggest key to crafting Temple Balls is taking the time. The manufacturing process is not necessarily difficult, but it is time consuming.

“The sensation of the resin slowly building up, plant after plant, is a unique tactile communion and an incredible olfactory experience.” Frenchy Cannoli

Pro tip

When rolling the flower, be sure not to press or squeeze too hard. Using too much pressure can cause the flower to break and crumble before it ever has a chance to bind into a ball of hash.

In conclusion,


Temple Ball making is an ancient art that may seem simple in its methodology, but in reality is complex in its implementation.

Plus, Temples give extractors a sleek and efficient way to preserve the trichome heads we work so hard to isolate and collect.

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