All about these 7 CBD Hash extraction methods

Today we are going to present to you the 7 methods we use at Rue de la Boulette to extract our high quality products. The Afghan, The ice o lator, the Ketama, the 3x Filtré, the Beldia… you know their names, but did you know that each of them requires different techniques?

1. Ice O Lator: Extraction with water and ice cubes (fresh or dry plant)

2. Sieving with a rotating cylinder (dry or fresh)

3. Vibration filtration

4. Moroccan sifting (with sticks)

5. Charras: Extraction by hand (on the fresh plant)

6. Static Sift: Separation by static electricity

7. Rosin: Heat, pressure and filtration

Find out what makes each extraction method unique and why they are popular.

1. Cold water extraction: Ice o Lator / Bubble hash

Cold water extraction is a simple and effective technique that separates the trichomes from a cannabis flower in a totally natural way, and does not require any solvent to concentrate the active ingredients.

In addition, it can be used on fresh or dry hemp, simply put the CBD or CBG flowers in motion in a mixture of cold water and ice so that the resin separates from the flowers, and settles in filtration screens of different meshes.

This type of extraction, generally carried out on freshly frozen plants, allows us to harvest the cream of the crop, trichomes almost free of plant matter, which melt completely without leaving any impurities when approached by a flame.

This fraction is often called across the Atlantic “Full Melt Bubble Hash”

2. Dry sieving by rotary cylinder

Extraction by rotary cylinder sieving is done with a machine that works a bit like a washing machine, where the drum serves as a sieve and shakes the flowers by rotation. This extraction method is perfectly suited for large quantities. A few minutes are enough to recover the majority of mature trichomes, however care must be taken to stop the rotation of the cylinder at the most appropriate moment before the result declines in quality in view of the plant matter which will pass through the meshes of the sieve.

3. Vibration filtration

Vibration filtration is a less common method due to its technicality. We use vibrating sieves to remove unwanted residue and ensure the quality of the harvested trichomes. In addition, to improve the quality of our products, we use a so-called "high containment" vibrating screen which reduces incoming and outgoing leaks and improves hygiene conditions. It is important to use quality equipment, and to have qualified operators for their correct use.We use a complex system of ultrasonic sieve with unclogging system.In fact, the ultrasonic sieves prevent the saturation of the meshes during sieving, which allows us to sieve on finer meshes .

It is possible to put 3 frames with 3 different mesh filters, the output result of the 3rd filter technically corresponds to what is called the “3x or Triple filtered”.

It is also possible to filter the water from the Ice O Lator using a vibrating sieve.

4. Moroccan sifting

This extraction method is the most manual. It is an ancestral method of resin extraction. We beat the dry heads of cannabis plants above a basin covered with a filter mesh fabric. The size of the meshes used varies according to the expected filtration (more or less plant residues). The threshing system for dry flowers is done using wooden sticks, following a very precise rhythm that can resemble musical percussion.

5. Le Charras

Charas is a manual extraction of cannabis originating from India. This extraction technique is made from living plants. Charas is the resin that is obtained by a method of friction. The idea is to rub the living flowers between the hands. The sticky texture of the trichomes causes them to stick to the fingers and palms of the hands. It is then necessary to scrape everything to obtain a resin which will in turn be compressed in the form of a ball. A simple method that does not really require anything other than the raw material, and a lot of patience. Because yes, it takes time!

The authenticity of this hash is characterized by its typical smell of fresh plants imprisoned in the resin, note however that it is not possible to re-filter this hash once molded by hand, all the art therefore lies in gently rubbing the flowers without breaking them.

6. Static Tech (Technical of extraction using static electricity)

Static Tech extraction refers to a variety of approaches that use static electricity to separate trichome heads from plant contaminants in dry sifted hash. Static extraction is a simple solution for cleaning up dry sifted hashes. The basic principle of Static Tech extraction is to agitate the dry sieve in such a way as to create static electricity. Due to the nature of dry pollen, the trichome heads take on one electrical charge, while the plant material takes on another. Once loaded, extractors can use a variety of "static tech" to separate heads from contamination. Whatever type of Static Tech you use, it should be done in a cold room to preserve the terpenes.

7. La Rosin

Rosin refers to a technique for extracting cannabis.

This technique is a combination of heat, pressure and filtration that melts the trichomes and extracts the content by filtering the residue.

It is possible to hot press different materials from cannabis: dried flowers but also the result of all the techniques seen above.

With a good grasp of the incoming raw material, rosin is much better in flavor (terpenes), potency (cannabinoids) and yield than solvent-based extractions.

In conclusion: We can say that there are no good or bad types of CBD resin extractions. Before considering the extraction method, you must take into account the type of flower, the desired result, and the tools at your disposal.

Pressing, decarboxylation, temperature: It is important to clarify that these techniques simply talk about the natural extraction techniques of the trichomes of the plant, then there are different methods to work the trichomes, their texture, their taste and more.

We obviously salute the work of Frenchy Cannoli, for all the know-how he has brought us and more generally to the world of cannabis!

At Rue de la Boulette, our experts master all these techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment, which we have developed in-house, to ensure results that combine performance and quality, whatever the product.

Always give priority to sourcing from professionals in the sector who master the various extraction techniques.