How to recognize good CBD Hash?

cbd hash quality

Before discussing the different aspects to watch out for, let's lay the foundations for a common understanding of what Hash is. Hash (or hashish) is made from dried resin glands taken from the flowering parts of female cannabis plants. These resin glands are called “trichomes”. Through means of collection by hand, machine or by immersing the cannabis in ice water, these trichomes are extracted to form a mass of resin. This resin, however collected, can then be pressed into a block, coin, or ball, not only to be smoked or vaped, but also used in cooking.

So, how to recognize a good Hash?

1. Appearance

The appearance of resin can vary greatly depending on its type. It can therefore be difficult to judge without manual manipulation. However, here are some tips.

The appearance of the “dry” type Hash (extraction of trichomes on dry flowers) will be blond/light brown and its texture a little sandy. However, those that have been heavily pressed will tend to be dark brown, shiny and hard.

The appearance of “Charras” type Hash (extraction of trichomes from “live” or standing flowers) will be smooth and black or brown-black with a slightly brown or even green interior. This resin should be fairly hard when cold and soft and flexible when hot.

2. The Body

Body is a term that describes the sensation of fullness in the mouth, the mouthfeel beyond the initial sweetness, as the taste buds explore the complexity of the smoke and the terpene profile. The body therefore refers to the general impression left by the Hash, and more particularly with regard to the thickness of its smoke and its terpene content.

The combined intensity between the terpenes and the cbd level is thus what best characterizes the body of a Hash. We then distinguish hashes with little body, which have only a very low terpene presence and a fairly low % of cbd, hashes with medium body or with a lot of body.

3. The bouquet

The bouquet or aroma (Nose) expressed by the resin, is the olfactory essence of the experience to come, the richness of the natural expression of the resin. It is therefore all the olfactory sensations that a Hash provides. It is a very important factor for the judgment of a resin.

4. Complexity

Complexity is associated with quality but also with the sensation that accompanies the vaping experience. The more complex the smoke, the more intense the overall sensation.

The balance expresses finesse, elegance and the perfect harmony of all the elements of the smoke.

5. Intensity/duration

Intensity/Duration identifies the intensity of flavors and how long they linger in the mouth after inhaling the smoke, a guide to terpene concentration, and how long it is “delicious” after exhaling.

6. Melting

Melt, or the amount of resin formed in the trichomes, is the number one factor in judging quality. The cleaner the material, the better the cast. It is also called melting test, or burning test. The process involves taking a piece of hash and bringing a flame near it. If the hash is of good quality, the resin will bubble noticeably, and leave as little solid residue as possible. If the hash does not bubble, it may be low quality and/or possibly contain a high level of remaining plant material.

7. Sweetness

The smoothness of the smoke when inhaling is a reflection of the good filtration of the resin. Indeed, the cleaner a resin is, the smoother its smoke will be in the throat and will not leave any undesirable taste or tingle.

8. Stability/Consistency

The stability of the resin refers to the constancy, in terms of appearance, texture and taste, of the resin with each production. In other words, high resin stability means that each time you produce, the final resin is essentially the same.

For resellers and consumers, this is one of the most important aspects of establishing a lasting relationship. Indeed, this avoids unpleasant surprises during repeated purchases of the same resin over a period of time.

At Rue de la Boulette, this is an aspect that we always take into account, and we guarantee the stability of our resin regardless of the date of your order.

9. Taste

Taste is integral to the experience and will often align with personal preference. With some experience it becomes possible to differentiate the subtleties of each variety and thus have your favorites. As with wine.

10. Uniqueness

The uniqueness of the experience, unique and specific to each resin, is also important when judging a Hash. The more the experience of a hash stands out from the others, the more pronounced the uniqueness of the resin.

In conclusion, the judgment of a Hash is made by the complex addition of several elements that contribute to its quality. A judgment that calls on 4 of our senses: touch, smell, sight and taste. We will then note elements of judgment specific to the texture of the hash, the smell of the hash, the appearance of the hash and the taste of the hash.

At Rue de la Boulette, we take all these elements into account when designing our products, from the seed to the final resin. As enthusiasts, we make it a point of honor that our products meet quality guarantees on all the points set out above.

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