Cannabis Innovation: Discover Rue de la Boulette W.P.F.F - A Revolution in CBD Resin Extraction

What is the W.P.F.F?

W.P.F.F is the acronym for Whole Plant Fresh Frozen. (= freshly frozen whole plant), it is a method of resin extraction which is done from freshly harvested cannabis plants immediately frozen to the core, this innovative method allows all of the cannabinoids to be preserved in their acid form (unheated, undecarboxylated) and fragile terpenes which are all too often degraded when drying hemp plants

How is the WPFF prepared?

On paper, freezing cannabis at harvest may seem simple, but when it comes to doing it on industrial volumes it's a whole different matter!

We have therefore developed an online harvesting and freezing machine for our productions so that they are cryogenically frozen as quickly as possible upon collection, in order to preserve as much as possible the quality of our flowers, necessary for the development of a qualitative resin.

The flowers are then worked and extracted in cryogenic conditions according to well-guarded processes, in order to separate the trichomes full of terpenes to develop our “live resins”.

We produce different product references with our “live resins”, but before being placed on the market, they are refined under specific conservation conditions so that the aromas can develop and the texture evolves according to our wishes;

Product Quality

We worked for 8 months behind the scenes on this innovative method to finally be able to offer you products that met our expectations.

This challenge is significant, because this year we saw things in a big way, due to the evolution of the market and the ever greater demands of our customers for ever more qualitative products, we had to stay at the forefront and respect our commitment: to offer a healthy, high-quality product while respecting current legislation!

The extraction of the resin is done from freshly harvested cannabis plants immediately frozen to the core using industrial cryogenics equipment. This innovative method allows us to preserve all of the cannabinoids and fragile terpenes that are all too often degraded when drying hemp plants!

W.P.F.F: multiple advantages:

  • Conservation of cannabinoids and terpenes: The W.P.F.F method ensures optimal preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes, guaranteeing a rich aromatic palette and a complete olfactory experience.
  • Maximum concentration: By freezing the biomass at harvest, we avoid degradation of the structure of the flowers and leaves rich in resins, which guarantees a naturally concentrated product thanks to our gentle filtration methods.
  • Unique Sensory Experience: Products from W.P.F.F offer an unrivaled sensory experience thanks to the preservation of terpenes (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, etc.) all these aromatic compounds responsible for the distinct flavors of each variety.


Rue de la Boulette's W.P.F.F represents a significant step forward in the cannabis industry. By offering an alternative to traditional extraction methods, this revolutionary approach promises a purer, fuller and longer-lasting experience for all cannabis enthusiasts. Discover the future of extraction with Rue de la Boulette and immerse yourself in an unparalleled cannabis experience.