Understanding the French CBD hash manufacturing process: Dry sieving and separation of trichomes by Ice-O-Lator.

1. Dry sieving: Dry sifting is a traditional and effective method of making CBD hash. Here are the main steps of this process: Selection of CBD cannabis strains:

The process begins with the careful selection of cannabis strains high in CBD and low in THC. These specific strains are carefully cultivated to ensure a high concentration of CBD-containing trichomes.

Harvesting and drying:

Once you see that the plants are mature, they are covered with cogollos. As we continue to withdraw the talls and the hojas, leave the cogolls that contain the preciados tricomas intact. However, the cogollos are in controlled conditions, preserving the chemical properties of the tricomas.

Dry sieving: Dry sifting involves gently rubbing dried cannabis buds over a fine sieve or screen designed specifically for this purpose. During this operation, the trichomes detach from the buds and pass through the sieve, forming a fine powder called kief. Collection and pressing of kief: The kief obtained is collected meticulously. It is then pressed to form compact plates of CBD hashish. Pressing helps clump the trichomes into a solid mass, ready to be used or stored.

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The separation of trichomes by Ice-O-Lator:


The Ice-O-Lator trichome separation method is a more modern and advanced technique for producing high-quality CBD hash. Here are the main steps of this process:


Preparation of materials:

For the separation of trichomes by Ice-O-Lator, specialized equipment is used. This includes a fine mesh filtration bag, an ice bucket and stirrers.



Equipment cooling:

The ice bucket is filled with ice water, creating a cold environment conducive to separating the trichomes. The harvested cannabis buds are placed in the bucket.


Shaking cannabis buds:

Stirrers are used to gently agitate cannabis buds in ice water. Agitation causes the trichomes to break off, falling off the buds and ending up in the water.

Filtration of trichomes:

The fine mesh filtration bag is used to filter water containing detached trichomes. The bag holds the trichomes, while the water is drained away.

Drying and pressing the kief:

The collected trichomes are then dried and pressed to form high-quality CBD hash plates, ready for consumption or marketing.


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French CBD hash is made using carefully selected methods to preserve the properties of CBD while minimizing the presence of THC. Dry sifting and trichome separation by Ice-O-Lator are two commonly used techniques in the manufacturing process. Whether you prefer the tradition of dry sifting or the efficiency of Ice-O-Lator separation, French CBD hash offers consumers a concentrated, calming CBD experience without the psychoactive effects of THC.